With the team's insight into the market and sales network, and close cooperation with suppliers from various countries, the company effectively distributes different types of products to retailers in various regions and formulates procurement policies and long-term relationships with partners.

In addition to local business in Hong Kong, the company has been actively expanding its international market. The cooperative companies include Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and Peru, and will continue to expand in the future.

Our team starts the supply chain, the storage & planning from manufacturer to online & offline platform. The logistic team monitor the products delivery with time efficiency & quality service.


Food and Beverage

Confectioneries, Spirits, Wines, Beers, Waters, Coffees, Drinks, Groceries, Supplement

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Skin Care, Perfumes, Makeup, Hair Product, Sun Care Products, Aromatherapy Products, Health Products

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Daily Necessities

Toiletries, Personal Care, Household

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Mother and Baby

Infant Formula, Milk bottles, Wet Wipes, Diapers, Baby food

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With an extraordinary understanding of various markets, Wa Kit can provide accurate marketing solutions and a professional team to execute and manage marketing and promotion projects.

Distribution Agent

We have professional operation team and rich experience in e-commerce operation for years. The warehousing logistics and e-commerce platforms are seamlessly connected, to reach the annual sales target.


Wa Kit owns a professional logistic team operating day-to-day delivery covering every corner in Hong Kong, and a global logistics system covering over 100 countries worldwide. To better serve our customers and maximize delivery efficiency, we have numerous warehouses worldwide to support our transportation logistics system.

Supply Chain Management

The primary purpose for the existence of any supply chain is to satisfy customer needs and business profits. Supply chain activities begin with a customer order and end when a satisfied customer pays for their purchase. This is often referred to as perfect order fulfillment, from quote-to-cash. Everything that happens in between should be driven by the single goal of adding value to the inputs and making it closer to whatever the end customer requires.

But not all supply chains add value. Companies that invest in supply chain management (SCM) tools to identify such activities can work on reducing and eliminating these non-added value activities, becoming what is referred to as lean businesses. Such companies can deliver products and services to market faster, cheaper and with better quality, gaining a compelling advantage over less efficient competitors.

Export Division

We are a FMCG company. For example, baby products, skin care, body care, food and beverage, health supplements and cosmetic. Including Unilever, P&G, Nestle,Kao, products.

We looking forward cooperation with all online shops, e-commerce, importer and supermarket.

If you have any further queries, please contact us on:

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Cover a variety of vendors in Retail Market :
Health & Beauty drug chains, Beauty chains, Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Department Stores and Independent pharmacy